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Helping Advisors

Good advisors don't die from starvation of too little opportunity.
We die from indigestion of way too much.

In this business, we have unlimited markets we can work in, unlimited products and services we sell, and of course, countless narratives and methods to move a client to action. It is in this sea of unlimited opportunity that we can actually work ourselves into a state of sophisticated confusion. If we aren't careful, "overwhelmed, disorganized and chaotic" will be the description of our days. The good news is that you can move from a place of sophisticated confusion to mature simplicity.

In the Transform Learning Series, Wes will unpack a very powerful framework that will create incredible influence, sustainable profitability, and make a significant difference in the lives of those you serve. You will learn everything from the language, to the technology, to the back office task management and team development that Wes Young employs.

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